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Options Drive Solutions

Advancing the goal of net zero carbon emission by 2050.

As structural engineers, we provide design and building material options to our collaborators, and the choices our clients make will directly impact meeting the SE 2050 challenge. Our ability to inform and influence our collaborators— clients, builders and developers— is paramount. We are creating a compelling guide for our project partners that shows tangible impacts when choosing building materials, and this guide is being built to reflect recent projects with real-time data.

"All structural engineers shall understand, reduce, and ultimately eliminate embodied carbon in their projects by 2050." 

Net zero by 2050 is an ambitious goal. While structure typically represents about half of the embodied carbon in a building project, historically the profession of structural engineering has not had a large role in sustainable design. We are excited to help change this and actively find ways to make an impact. We are committed to educating our team, reporting, and sharing our data with the SE 2050 movement, and we are eager to help develop industry targets that drive structural engineers to actively design with reduction in mind.

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