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At Siegel Structural Engineers we believe we are our client’s best option. We listen carefully, engage with new ideas, and dig deep to understand the needs of each client and the expectations around each project. Fidelity to schedule, clarity of coordination, and attention to communication format and quality are what elevates excellent technical designers into excellent collaborators. For almost 30 years, we’ve come to appreciate that great projects are produced by great teams, and we are completely committed to being an excellent structural engineering partner. 

Our Practice

What are we known for?

Siegel Structural Engineers is known for the quality of our work and the quality of our collaborations with our clients. Great architecture needs engaged, open-minded, and creative engineers to bring building design to the highest level. We pride ourselves in listening with empathy and providing answers with context, so that our clients can choose the structural options that are best for their project.

What types of projects do we work on?

Siegel Structural Engineers is a general practice firm with a portfolio that includes housing, commercial, and institutional projects. We have a niche specialty in wood frame construction ranging from high end residential, mixed-use podium buildings, and mass timber. We also specialize in renovation, restoration, and repair of all types of buildings.

Where are we licensed to do structural engineering?

We are licensed to practice Structural Engineering in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Colorado, and Montana. We are a member of NCEES and may easily obtain a license in your state. 

How do we build a winning project?

We assemble a unique team of engineers for every project, selected based upon how well individual engineers align with the specific technical challenges plus the needs and personality of the client. Regular internal reviews during the design process ensure that our work conforms with our firm and industry best practices.

What kind of resources do we bring to our clients?

Much of our technical design work is done using RISA, Enercalc, and various industry-provided software. We have modeling expertise in Revit and drawing expertise in AutoCad. We send members of our team to trainings, seminars, and conferences, and we provide continuing education opportunities so that our team is current on the latest structural design practices and trends. 

How are we engaging in sustainable practices?

Siegel Structural Engineers embraces our responsibility to design building structures that are healthy for the environment and healthy for the individuals who occupy them. We have joined SE 2050, an industry initiative that targets net-zero embodied carbon in building structures by 2050. We are educating our staff and clients regarding sustainable choices in building materials such as using lumber from FSC forests, substituting CLT for steel and concrete, selecting concrete components that are lower in embodied carbon than traditional choices, and selecting structural steel with high recycled content from mills that power their furnaces with renewable energy sources.

Do we offer internships or are we affiliated with a co-op program? 

Siegel Structural Engineers regularly hires and trains young aspiring structural engineers from Northeastern University, Wentworth University, the University of Connecticut, and other quality programs. We embrace our responsibility to train the next generation of engineers, and we often hire our co-ops and interns once they have completed their degree programs.  






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